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Dampier Sea Dragon

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under Fish

hi everyone, i have a Dampier sea dragon for sale, the picture is not the best as half of it is curled up under my hand.

Ill sell it to the best offer over 1,000 dollars. Its only the second one ive ever got and is really nice.dampier_dragon.JPG

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Blennie special

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under Fish


We are doing algae blennies for 25 dollars each. These are a really good size, check them out on the blennie page

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Garden piece

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under Fish


I have this garden piece for sale at 75 dollars

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To Get Specials

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under Fish


Hi everyone, i have just put up 2 specials, purple fungi as you can see and blue purple morphs. Ive sent it out on the mailing list by email, and after the new year thats only how i will do it, not through the blogg.

Nearly 600 of you are not on the mailing list. To qualify for the 200 dollars of free coral this year you must be on the list. once you are on you will recieve updates after the 1st of january of the conditions for the 200 dollars free coral.

cheers wayne

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